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Client Testimonials

"Grassroots has done a terrific job maintaining my yard for many years with their thorough and reliable work. When I recently put my house on the market they did a great job doing my lawn, the shrubs and beds look really great. The house sold in only a few days and I think a big reason was how the yard looked."

— Kathy, 2012

 "Travis has been taking care of our yards for 10 or 11 years now, at the 4 different properties. We can rely on him to keep us looking good by doing everything from landscape installation, to pruning, basic sprinkler trouble-shooting, and all around maintenance. He is very personable and approachable, customizing his services based on our wishes. Thanks Travis, and family!"

  — Gail and Sue, 2012

"I have been using Grassroots Landscaping to take care of my rental house in Seattle for over 3 years now.  It took me some time to find a company that trusted me as much as I trusted them.  Whether I interact with Kristen and Travis via email or over the telephone, they are a very professional team and take great pride in what they do.   

I appreciate the fact that Travis knows exactly what I need done to the yard without me having to explain it each time.  The best part is that the yard always looks great after he is done with it.  We are very pleased with Grassroots Landscaping and will continue to use them in the future."

— Stephanie, 2013
"I've worked with Grassroots Landscaping as both a homeowner and condominium association President since 2006 and they have earned my highest praise and respect. 

Travis Toms is a first rate gardener and person. Ever creative, professional, helpful, and responsive, he always has the perfect solution for all of your individual landscaping challenges. My wife, Kathleen, loves his Zen-like approach and artistic touch.

 For bigger jobs, such as tending to a condominium complex, Grassroots' work is detailed and thorough. They're always ready to do more and respond to whatever is needed, whether prepping a home for sale, cleaning up after a storm, or trimming that special hedge to geometric perfection. 

On the business and administrative side, Kristen never misses a beat. Invoices, contracts, bids, and emails all arrive accurately and on schedule. Pricing and billing is beyond fair. Usually Kristen has taken care of something before you even think of it. 

 Travis, Kristen, and their crew are a great team.  If you want to work with a small company who cares, give Grassroots a try."

— John, 2013


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